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LED soft light strip waterproof silica gel how to choose?


LED soft light strip waterproof silica gel how to choose? There are three kinds of products in the market, such as epoxy resin sealing glue, polyurethane sealant and silicone sealant. These three products have their own characteristics. Epoxy resin sealant, usually AB component packaging, product has good light transmittance, generally light transmittance of 85-92%; with good high stack effect, after curing light bright appearance, rounded curvature in -5; C to 55 DEG C; but because the properties of the epoxy resin itself. Tg, low point, easy to appear in the high temperature toughness variation, a lot of time more than 60 DEG C, soft rubber softening lead colloid is easy to break; at the same time, at temperatures below -5 degrees Celsius, colloidal brittle and hard, light slightly shaking will appear brittle fracture and peeling gel the phenomenon of long hours; lamp light 400-700, epoxy resin beads above brown, light brightness and color temperature changes caused by decreased polyurethane, also called PU glue, usually AB packaging, products of light The rate between 85-92%, after curing lamp has good flexibility, the cured colloid in -25 to 95 DEG C. between long-term use; but unable to achieve very low hardness polyurethane gel, the product is only applicable to the product type or half sleeve type soft light, with the decrease of temperature, the flexibility of light appears great changes; potting, on the surface of FPC and environmental humidity higher, if the humidity is too large, prone to fog and surface adhesion insufficient; long-term outdoor use, usually 2-3 colloid yellowing. Soft waterproof silicone silicone sealant, general - or AB component packaging products, the light transmittance is generally between 84-92%, after curing colloid with adjustable hardness, can be made into jelly type gel can also make shoreA30 of hard plastic, so silicone sealant can be used for glue strip type that can also be used for semi sleeve type lamp, can also be used for casing type lamp, after curing colloid at -45 DEG to 200 DEG, and with the change of temperature, no mechanical physical properties and optical properties of the products changed significantly. Very suitable for Russia, northern Europe, North America and other cold zone; silicone sealant strip resistance to ozone, ultraviolet rays, acid and other outdoor use can keep good performance, non yellowing silicone sealant with long-term; FPC adhesion strength is higher than that of epoxy resin, but the defects of lower pile high. From the perspective of market development, how to choose waterproof silicone for LED soft strip? The trend of replacing other products is more and more obvious. If we need to use lights in harsh environment, we must use LED soft light strip to select waterproof silicone.

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