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Shanghai international water filter Exhibition


On 9 -6 June 7, 2017, the three day Shanghai international water filtration Exhibition (AQUATECH CHINA) was held at the National Exhibition Center in Shanghai. The exhibition is committed to jointly promoting the cause of environmental protection, creating a responsibility and duty that should be done in the clear water and blue sky. After 10 years of growth, it will become a world-class comprehensive environmental protection comprehensive exposition.

Through the new year's research and development and practice, Shanghai Han company Industrial Co., Ltd. took part in this special event with new products.

In view of the current application characteristics and related common problems of adhesives in water filtration industry, Shanghai Han Si has developed many kinds of adhesive products suitable for household water purifying filter core, industrial MBR / CMF / RO film and ceramic membrane. The whole series of adhesive product system covering foldable filter core, hollow / tube filter core, flat filter core and roll filter core have been gradually established.

  In the control of rubber crawlerThrough the optimization of formula, zero climbing glue has been achieved, which breaks through the limitations of traditional glue, effectively improves the effective filtration area of products, reduces the glue consumption of single product, and realizes the reduction of cost for customers in the real sense.In temperature resistance and chemical resistance onTo achieve both exceeded the polyurethane and epoxy adhesive, greatly prolong the service life of film industry in extreme environment, reduce the maintenance cost of customers;In membrane wire core aspectsThe slow release of the reaction heat can be realized, the stability of the production process is ensured, and the loss of the product can be greatly reduced.We adhere to the use of products to serve customers, use services to improve the user experience, looking forward to working with you hand in hand and common development!

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