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One component adhesive formulation: why there are vesicles?


Maybe something is dampened. If it is an open refiner, it should be the problem of preventing RD. RD into MB powder, as the first effect is also suspected to be material damp, but instead of just bought the light is the same, now suspected of curing system I wonder if there is no problem. In addition, the more simple the better if the accelerator is not understood in the vulcanization system, the more simple the system is, the possibility of problems will be less. First: you do not know what the product, if the structure is complex, due to various reasons, a little bubble is normal, the rubber park have a certain effect. One component adhesive second: I think you change a curing system, the direct use of DM and CZ, such as S1.5 CZ1.5 DM1, said the bubble will not appear, and requirements of the curing system on the mould structure is relatively high. Said simply, make the mould structure with the most reasonable most garbage formula is no problem, or is the most rational formula on the general mold structure of products is also very good. It is said that the amount of RD does not affect the bubble. Natural rubber products should be the most likely to produce bubbles. The regulation of deflation is very important, which is why many large companies usually take the vacuum mould for complex products (fixed die structure). In addition, the stearic acid is a little more, and 1.8 of the thick products are enough. One component adhesive -- OHI share: if raw material moisture, not to say that a new buy light on the line, you have to buy a new light water content didn't test it? Is it impossible for it to be dampened? Is not easy to damp the light, Zinc Oxide is also easy to damp, therefore suggested that if that is raw material can damp in the mixing before all may damp raw material after drying, or add some calcium oxide. If the impurities in the raw materials are too much and the mixing is not uniform, the vulcanization may result in this phenomenon. In the mixing process, other things are added, such as the PE bag for packing rubber. The product structure is complex or the mold structure is not reasonable, so that the beggar is difficult to expel. If a vacuum machine is recommended, it can be done on a vacuum machine. It is suggested that some processing flow and exhaust additives can be added. The mixing time is not enough to vulcanization pressure, and there are impurities or oil, water, improper loading method in the mold or rubber, and the air is involved and the temperature of the vulcanized mould is too high.

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