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The difference between high thermal grease and ordinary thermal grease


Ordinary thermal grease is three two aluminum oxide and other metal oxides as conductive filler and made of high thermal grease is boron nitride nitride as a thermally conductive filler (there will be three two aluminum oxide specially modified by organic silicone oil) with suitable preparation. The thermal conductivity of ordinary thermal grease only 0.3-0.8 W/ (M - K), high thermal grease can reach 5.0W/ (M - K). Compared with the ordinary thermal grease, high thermal grease has good thermal conductivity, and temperature resistance, insulation performance, performance stability, and no less than ordinary thermal grease, apply to the power devices and the radiator assembly, more conducive to help eliminate the contact surface of the air gap flux increases, thermal resistance is reduced, reducing the power device working temperature, improve the reliability and prolong the service life. High thermal grease Shenzhen Aoxi Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, is a professional engaged in the research and development of electronic adhesive products, production and sales of high-tech enterprises, customer first, reputation first, efficiency first "principle of service, the main high thermal conductive silicone grease, welcome to inquire! OHI company and you create a future adhesive!

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