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Fog analysis of LED bulb shell


LED bulb formation water causes if "mist" is water, is likely to be equipped with the ambient temperature is too large, when the moisture of the stuffy in the assembly cover inside, LED lit after the temperature difference between inside and outside, the moisture condenses to form mist attached to the cover face mask (the truth on the window and winter mist is the same), to solve this problem, it should be equipped with workshop dehumidification, control workshop humidity, conditions of the workpiece can be assembled dehumidification. No dehumidification equipment, the simplest way to unit: using a hot-air gun cover, LED lamp with dry mode, and then the assembly. And if the ambient humidity is heavy in the use of the lamps, it is necessary to consider the structure waterproof. If "mist" is other chemicals, it is conductive silicone sealant or ester volatiles, heating evaporation attached to the fog mask. Conduction estersil "oil rate" and "Volatile" selection is to consider the issue of conduction estersil quality is not good at LED temperatures will precipitate silicone oil (some worse in the tank when it to the surface with a layer of transparent silicone oil); glue (epoxy / silica gel acrylic structural adhesive can) to seal adhesive. Attention should be paid when the glue is completely solidified, and then burn on the aging rack. If the glue is not completely solidified, the possibility of heat will be volatilized, and the phenomenon of blister cracking may occur. A LED lighting industry stick bulb lamp, candle lamp, lamp panel with silica gel is the most common, the curing mechanism is through the absorption of water in the air the curing reaction, and by-products. In accordance with the by-products were divided into acid type, oxime type, dealcohol, small part of prolapse of its molecular weight more easily in liquid form, to form a water mist in the inner wall of the outer cover. The molecular weight is: acid > oxime > alcohol, so when selecting type, we should choose the dealcoholing type, control the best dispensing quantity through quantitative glue dispensing, and minimize the impact of volatiles on lamps and lanterns. Small molecules cured glue will evaporate at high temperature to form a layer of mist on the mask above, which leads to the appearance and brightness of lighting performance affected. The common small molecular substances are mainly divided into low molecular ring siloxane and low molecular linear body. In general, the total amount of D3-D20 is used to indicate the level of small molecules. Test method low molecular polysiloxanes for gas chromatography mass spectrometry. For general aviation and aerospace on Electrical and electronic, communication equipment, instrument and optical components, sealing, potting as insulation, shockproof and moisture-proof packaging materials and conductive links, PCB plate coating glue must strictly control the content of low molecular polysiloxanes in silicone rubber, so as to avoid equipment failure or pollution.

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