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The relationship between the quality of UV curing adhesive and the curing time


Although the market of the UV curing adhesive is very large, but we know on the UV there is still a lack of. Only after we first understand the basic knowledge of UV curing glue, can correctly use uv. According to our statistics, many people put forward such a question, whether there is a relationship between the quality and the UV curing speed? To solve this problem for everyone under OHI simply explain: in fact, how to measure the quality of UV curing adhesive, from many aspects to consider, such as UV positioning time the size, strength, flexibility and so on, and these are the quality of UV is correlated. We may now care more is the curing rate of UV curable adhesive, there are a lot of consumers on the basis of the UV curing speed to determine how the quality, this is not scientific. UV curing adhesive but there is some relationship between the quality of UV curing adhesive and curing speed, but not all by the curing rate to decide. We can only say that the quality of its UV curing speed have a great relationship, in general, the UV curing speed quickly, the internal stress produced by it will be relatively bigger, it will not cause the product to fall off. However, in addition to these, we also consider how the UV performance, can not rely on the curing rate to judge the quality of what. In addition to the curing speed, there is one thing we should pay attention to, that is how the UV resistance. In short, everyone in the understanding of UV when must understand some basic knowledge of UV products, to determine the performance of UV curing adhesive from many aspects.

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