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What is the difference between one component adhesive and two-component glue


A variety of 1, one component adhesive applied latent curing agent of epoxy resin with and into a medium temperature or high temperature curing, the curing conditions it usually heating can be cured, often stored at twenty-five degrees Celsius or below five degrees preservation, compared with two-component sealant, one component the temperature resistance and adhesion than two-component sealant is better, but due to the limitation of the curing conditions and save the use of no two components so wide; one component adhesive component adhesive 2, two-component sealant main agent and curing agent to separate packing and storage before use to proportion according to the special bidding and the proportion of AB, after mixing evenly to potting, in order to make better quality, can the vacuum on the colloid in potting before and deaeration. The two components are divided into middle and normal temperature curing forms due to the difference of the curing agent

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