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What is the UV aging test?


What is the UV aging test? Ultraviolet aging detection is based on fluorescent ultraviolet lamp as the light source, and accelerated weatherability test is done by simulating ultraviolet radiation and condensation of natural sunlight, so as to get the result of weather resistance of materials. Ultraviolet aging detection is widely applied to non-metallic materials and organic materials, such as coatings, paints, rubber, plastics and their products. The degree and situation of aging of products and materials are examined under the changes of climate conditions such as sunlight, humidity, temperature and condensation. The product for a period of time in the atmosphere, there will be different problems, such as changes in the appearance, including cracks, spots, powder or color change, or even decline in performance, may cause loss of resin molecules leads to the changes of chemical bonds in the molecular structure, the main reason is affected by the sun industrial waste gas, excluding bacteria caused by. The aging performance of the product directly affects the use time of the product, so the testing of the aging test is of great significance.

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