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What is the salt tolerance test?


What is the salt tolerance test? Salt spray test is an environmental test that mainly uses salt spray test equipment to simulate the environmental conditions of salt spray to check the corrosion resistance of products or metal materials. It is divided into two major categories, one is the natural environment exposure test, the other is the artificial accelerated simulated salt fog environment test. The artificial salt spray test is based on the salt spray test chamber with a certain volume space. The salt spray test is used to assess the salt spray corrosion quality of the product in the volume space. Compared with natural environment, its chloride concentration in salt spray environment can be several times or tens of times of the natural environment salt mist content, so that the corrosion rate will be greatly improved. The salt spray test of products will also shorten the time of the results. For example, if a sample is tested under natural exposure, it will take 1 years to corrode. However, when simulated in salt fog environment, it will get similar results in 24 hours.

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