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Analysis on the current situation of supply and demand in the competitive industry of adhesive Market


In recent years, the adhesive industry in China has been developing continuously, rapidly and steadily along with the development of social economy. The production and sales of adhesives continue to increase rapidly. At present, the domestic adhesive products are mainly middle and low grade adhesives, and some adhesive products (such as general purpose products) have exceeded the market demand, and the market competition is fierce. With the development of new energy, electronic appliances, machinery, automotive, aerospace and other industries, high performance and high quality adhesive products in the market demand continues to expand, the international well-known chemical enterprises have related production equipment and technology transfer to China, strategic, and occupy a larger share of the domestic high-end adhesive market. According to the analysis report "statistics show that sales demand and investment Chinese adhesive industry forecast prospective industry Research Institute released the" 2014 China's adhesive production was 6 million 725 thousand tons, demand is 6 million 499 thousand tons; 2015 domestic adhesive production was 7 million 358 thousand tons, demand is 7 million 135 thousand tons. Foresight Industry Research Institute analysts said that in the past ten years, the yield of adhesives in China has maintained an upward trend, the annual compound growth rate is over 10%, and the growth rate of adhesive production is related to GDP growth rate. At present, it is the largest producer of adhesives in the world. The scale of the industry is expanding and the market prospects are wide. From the downstream market, currently the main application areas for the construction, packaging / labels, wood products etc.. Among them, 28.7% of the building / construction / Civil Engineering / decoration technology is used for rubber, 21.1% for packing and labeling, 13.8% for woodworking and joinery, 7.6% for transportation. Therefore, the demand for adhesives will continue to increase, benefiting from the recovery of downstream demand for real estate, infrastructure, and automobile. According to the Chinese and adhesive tape industry association released information, "13th Five-Year" during the adhesive and tape production average annual growth rate will be around 8%, the development of solvent type adhesive tape and will restrict some high pollution and high energy consumption of the focus on the development of environmental protection and functional and hot-melt adhesive tape, water-based adhesive tape. Efforts to make the industry products more high-end, functional, into the aviation, military, electronic and other fields. An oversupply in the demand of economy, the key to business success lies in whether to demand has not yet formed when he was firmly locked and capture it. The above is the related analysis of the adhesives industry of the foresight Industry Research Institute. If you are still confused about other problems in the industry, you can click online consultation, and professional researchers will provide you with the right competition and investment advice.

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