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The coatings and adhesives with high VOC content will withdraw from Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei


Recently, China's first regional standard "architectural paint and adhesive VOC content limits standard" (DB11/3005-2017) Xuanguan training session was held in Beijing Jinyu science and technology building. Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Beijing Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision, Beijing Municipal Commission of housing and urban development, the leadership of the Beijing Municipal Administration Industrial and Commercial Bureau as well as from the architectural paint and adhesive products production, sales, use and other enterprises on behalf of a total of more than 120 people participated in the training session, the meeting chaired by the Beijing building materials test and research BMT general manager Tan Chunli. "Architectural paint and adhesive VOC content limits" formulated by the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Tianjin Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Hebei provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, Beijing Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision, Tianjin city market and quality supervision and Management Committee, the Hebei Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau jointly organized, Beijing Institute of building materials Beijing City Environmental Protection Science Research Institute and other units (BMT) is a standard regional editor, first released in China, this is the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region was first released in the field of environmental protection mandatory local standards, to further implement the "Beijing City Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act", reduce the construction paint and adhesive using process of volatile organic compounds the emissions, improve the quality of regional atmospheric environment, promote the implementation of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development strategy.

This standard was released in April 12, 2017, and will be implemented in September 1, 2017, at that time, production, sale and use in the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region all kinds of architectural coatings and adhesives, should meet the requirements of this standard VOC content limits, test methods and packaging marking requirements. The implementation of new standards, will promote the construction of paint and adhesive products with high content of VOC from the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, and will guide the Tianjin production enterprises with low VOC content in raw materials and advanced production technology, upgrading of product structure, provide standard products to the market, guide the sales unit sales of standard products, to guide the construction project and individual consumers to use standard products, so as to realize the purpose of emission reduction from the source VOC. At the meeting, the deputy director of science and technology and International Department of Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau, Li Tiejun, introduced the aim and importance of standard formulation. Huang Guangming, deputy director general of product quality supervision department of Beijing quality and Technology Supervision Bureau, put forward some opinions on strictly implementing volatile organic compounds content limit standard and strengthening product quality supervision in the field of production. Xu Donglin, deputy director of Beijing science and technology and village and Town Construction Department of Beijing housing and Urban Rural Construction Committee, and commodity Department of Beijing Administration for Industry and commerce, respectively, put forward relevant requirements for implementing the new standard in terms of engineering application and circulation area. The leaders of the various government regulatory departments expressed the hope that all sectors of the society should strictly implement this standard in the production, circulation and application of building coatings and adhesives, and contribute to environmental protection. Then, by the Beijing Academy of Environmental Sciences, Wang Minyan mepem introduces standard background, goal, principle, basis, standards for the content of a detailed interpretation, and explained the measures and ideas of environmental policy under the current enterprise, at the same time by the Beijing building materials inspection institute with Li Wei to explain the contents of the control technology of VOC detection method and the content of VOC, make the enterprise have a more profound understanding of the standard content, but also the quality control and testing of the VOC have a more clear understanding of the standard implementation and lay a good foundation.

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