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Two invention patents have been obtained in the joint-stock Market


In the evening of November 29th, the company announced that the company recently won two invention patents issued by the People's Republic of China State Intellectual Property Office. The names of the two patents are respectively a production method of high double bond content allyl polyether and a continuous production method of polyether amine with fixed bed. The patent duration is 20 years. Patent: a production method of allyl polyether with high double bond content. Allyl polyether is the main raw material for the synthesis of polyether modified polysiloxane and silicon modified polyether. The excellent properties of polysiloxane polyether modified polysiloxane, silicone modified polyether has both traditional, such as high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance, electrical insulation, hydrophobicity, low surface tension, but also has special properties of polyether provide lubrication, softness, extensibility and emulsion stability, can be used as polyurethane foam agents, textile auxiliaries, oil demulsifier, cosmetic additives, coating leveling agent, cleaning agent, defoaming agent, emulsifier etc.. Silicon modified polyether is a new type of material for sealants and adhesives. Patent: a production method of fixed bed continuous synthesis of polyether amine mainly used as polyurea and epoxy resin curing agent, which can be widely used in wind blade curing agent, polyurethane polyurea elastomer, gasoline cleaning agent, water-based coating, textile finishing agent and epoxy toughening etc.. It can also be used in many fields, such as detergent dispersant, coatings, sealing materials, building materials, composite materials, epoxy materials and adhesives. The company said that the above two invention patents have been applied in the company's production, and the acquisition of two patents will not have a significant impact on the production and operation of the company, but it will help protect the company's intellectual property rights, form a continuous innovation mechanism and enhance the core competitiveness of the company.

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