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The exchange to promote the development of Sika Axson company of France headquarters market technical director St phane to visit Mr. Tianxiang Technology


In March 21st, Paul France headquarters market technical director St phane, Mr. Chris and China technical manager market China sales manager Jessica Axson company visited Tianxiang technology, Jacky, and general manager of the company sales director Arvin, market director David conducted in-depth discussions and exchange, to promote bilateral strategic cooperation.


    St Mr. phane introduced Sika Axson development status of global research and development, new products to new markets, new applications, new industries and the future development of the market. With the continuous development and innovation of electronic industry, new energy vehicles, artificial intelligence, rail transportation, communication and other new industries, new demand will continue to emerge, we should keep pace with the times, fully understand the needs of customers, and truly provide comprehensive solutions and integration for customers; general manager St phane and Mr. company Jacky, also carried out extensive and in-depth exchange of views on the development of Chinese market and future trend; the two sides agreed to work together to promote the popularization and application of Axson sealant products in the market China. Tianxiang technology as an important strategic partner in Jessica Axson Chinese District, will be more committed to the integration of high quality resources, build perfect sales channels, to provide more high-quality technical services, to achieve a win-win situation with customers.

    In March 22nd, St phane, Chris Paul, Mr. technical team and sales team with Tianxiang technology, visited a number of customers for the customer in Southern China District, proposed a number of rational use of potting advice, get the appreciation and recognition of clients.

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