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How to classify sealant


Sealant is a wide range of address. It is used for bonding, sealing, sealing and coating protection of electronic components. The encapsulating glue is liquid like before being solidified and has fluidity. The viscosity of the glue varies according to the material, performance and production process of the product. The application value of the sealing glue can be achieved after it is completely cured. After curing, it can play the role of waterproof, moistureproof, dustproof, insulation, heat conduction, secrecy, corrosion prevention, temperature resistance and shock proof.

Organosilicon sealant

The long-term and effective protection of sensitive circuits and electronic components undoubtedly plays a more and more important role in the precision and high requirement of electronic applications. The silicone sealing material has stable dielectric insulation, which is an effective guarantee to prevent environmental pollution and can eliminate impact and vibration in a larger temperature and humidity range. The stress produced can meet the special requirements of adhesion, heat conduction, flame retardancy, high transparency and so on. After curing, it becomes flexible elastomer; the curing speed is uniform and has nothing to do with the thickness of the sealing and the tightness of the environment.

Epoxy resin sealant

Epoxy sealing adhesive has good fluidity and easy penetration into the gap of the product; it can be cured at normal temperature or medium temperature with moderate curing speed; no bubbles, smooth surface, gloss and high hardness after curing; the curing material has good acid and alkali resistance, good moisture proof, waterproof and dustproof property, damp heat resistance and atmospheric aging; good insulation, Compression, bonding strength, electrical and physical properties.

Application areas:

LED, automotive electronics, regulators, industrial electronics, relays, controllers, power modules, sensors.

Filled PU Potting

Polyurethane elastic encapsulation adhesive has overcome the disadvantages of common epoxy resin embrittlement as well as low strength of silicone resin and poor adhesiveness. It has excellent water resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, ultraviolet resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high and low temperature impact, moisture resistance, environmental protection and high performance price performance. It is an ideal electronic component sealing material. Material.

Application areas: 

Transformers, resistance rings, converters, capacitors, coils, inductors, rheostat, linear engines, fixed rotors, circuit boards, electromagnets, mold use, LED, pumps, switching switches, plugs, cable bushes, ultra filtration components, and reverse osmosis membrane components.

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