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Brand story: about ITW Chemtronics


Since 1958, Chemtronics has become a frontiers in the field of electronic maintenance and repair. For millions of engineers around the world, Chemtronics's product line has become a synonym for top performance, super quality and unlimited innovation. Since then, our products have gradually developed from a series of cleaners to a complete line of products, including ultra pure solvents, clean room grade scrubbing sticks and wipes, precision rework and maintenance tools in electronic and electrical and telecommunications industries. The product of ITW Chemtronics is made in accordance with the quality standards of ISO9001:2000, which ensures that at any time, for any product, we will make the same high quality products. Since 1999, ITW Chemtronics has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Illnois Tool Works Inc.

At IITW Chemtronics, our mission is very simple - to continue to be the leader of the innovation technology in this field, to provide our customers with the most reliable and most effective products. It is this mission that makes us today: an innovative company that is famous for offering the most clean, best, truly convenient and precise products to the market.

To meet the needs of lead-free applications, we have designed a complete lead-free product line. And become the first company in the industry to provide such products to the market. From the high temperature resistance welding membrane applied in the production environment to the patent and new Soder-Wick tin sucking tape, these products are designed to be used in the environment of higher temperature and higher requirements in the production, rework and maintenance of lead-free process. When the regulation of ozone depleting compounds changed, we were the first company to bring non ozone depleting CFC substitution chemicals Cirozane to the market. So far, Cirozane is still the most effective and safest chemical without CFC/HCFC components. Now we also recommend Verizane to love, a cost-effective 141b alternative. We created the largest Ulrajet sprayed dust remover, the most powerful dust collector in history. It is also worth mentioning that, on this basis, we combine a more convenient and breakthrough jet delivery system, and thus created the Ultrajet All-Way Duster (super spray force omnidirectional dust remover): even if poured over, it can reach 100% cleanliness.

This is just a list of some of the products. The products of ITW Chemtronics will give you a guarantee of our company's commitment to you.

"Nothing Cleans Like Chemtronics."

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