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Tianxiang technology was founded in 2002, is committed to providing a full range of electronic industrial adhesives and process solutions for customers. The company's strategic partners are: Luxbond, ACC/QSI, Axson, Chemtronics, Elantas, Techspray and other well-known enterprises. Product line covers electronic cleaning, impregnating paint, adhesive seal, coating (three defense), sealing, heat conduction, conductive and other kinds of adhesives application category.

The headquarters of the company is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong province. It has branches in more than ten provinces and cities in Southern China, central China, Southwest China, East China and North China. Customers are widely used in consumer electronics, home appliances, communications, automobiles, rail transit, new energy, microelectronics, industrial control, industrial assembly, medical equipment, aerospace and other industries.

Tianxiang technology has a highly efficient, dedicated, professional sales and technical team, to provide professional products and technical services for different customers, and provide accurate products and best solution. At the same time, we pay attention to spiritual cultivation, adhering to the business philosophy of "integrity, cooperation, progress and win-win", advocating nature, paying attention to environmental protection, taking customer satisfaction as the purpose, and improving staff's quality of life as the goal, pushing enterprises to continuously develop towards a newer and higher goal.

Main products
series of cleaning detergent products and solution impregnation series water-based and solvent type, gas type: electronic transformer, large and medium-sized motor impregnation products and solutions for bonding and sealing series: anaerobic adhesives, quick drying glue, silicone rubber, polyurethane glue, epoxy glue, UV products and solutions with three series: silicone rubber type, type of acrylic acid, epoxy resin, UV products and solutions for potting series: silicon rubber, polyurethane, epoxy resin products and solutions to heat conduction: thermal conduction series bonding, potting, thermal conductivity of filler products and solutions: conductive adhesive, conductive shielding of electronic products and solutions for surface treatment series: Accelerator accelerating agent, active agent, solution of glue and other products and Solutions

Corporate culture

Tianxiang Technology Co. Ltd focus on people-oriented, people's value in the first place, at the same time we focus on the cultivation of the spirit, to take care of the people, loving people, cultivate people, inspire people as the first priority, establish talent is the most valuable wealth in all the decisive resources, is thinking of the future market competition system, provide good environment for the development of talent, talent, but must be used. Let the enterprise truly become a "good faith, cooperation, enterprising, win-win" modern enterprise.

It is the soul of the enterprise and the foundation of human being to be "sincere in heart and trust in others". The first thing is to establish and cultivate corporate morality and ethics and moral character of employees, and establish "the rule of virtue, law-abiding, honest and trustworthy" as the basic rule of human governance.


Carry forward the spirit of unity and cooperation, mutual love, not afraid of difficulties, we need dedication, in the enterprise, full of passion, courage, hard work, good cooperation office, pull together in times of trouble, cooperative production, resource cooperation, technical cooperation, information cooperation, in order to achieve a common goal to struggle together.

Be enterprising:

Diligently study, keep forging ahead, explore boldly, be brave in opening up, and be good at innovation. To fully understand and foster innovation is an inexhaustible motive force for enterprise development ideas; rich connotation, to create a learning atmosphere, to create tiscooler technology learning and enterprising enterprise; create a learning, innovative and pioneering team; keep pace with the times, on the basis of scientific and realistic pioneers, dare.


We advocate a win-win thinking, because we firmly believe that development needs cooperation and cooperation can win. People oriented company and employees to achieve win-win situation, to achieve a win-win situation with customers, to the letter for the implementation of company and supplier win-win, with responsibility for the implementation of the company and the society and win-win; win-win is our goal, with a goal to work together for the same dream, cooperation and win-win.

Enterprise advantage

The adhesive industry is a fast developing new industry, and the production technology is developing continuously. The overall technical level of the industry is gradually increasing with the development of market demand. The pace of technological innovation in the industry is accelerating, and the product is constantly upgrading and replacing. It needs to accept the challenge of new materials and new technology. Tiscooler technology adhesive industry after nearly twenty years of development of precipitation, the continuous development of the company based on the introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign technology, the industry leading level. At present, Tianxiang technology product line has been covering the adhesive application in various industries, and constantly open up new areas of application. The company can design the correct plan according to the actual operation environment and the special requirements of the customers, make samples according to the customers' requirements, and do a lot of tests and tests on the samples until the requirements are met. Rapid development in the emerging field of new energy, environmental protection and energy saving industry standards and background of ascension, Tianxiang technology will attach great importance to their technology and services to enhance the core competitiveness. By working hard to solve the problem, the future of the company will take a new step.

Dedicated to providing customers with a full range of electronic industrial adhesives and industrial process solutions

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