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Vapor phase degreasing flux cleaner

3401 Vapor phase degreasing flux cleaner

PWR-4TM flux cleaning agent is a non flammable, strong cleaning agent. The innovative cleaning agent is safer than four commonly used cleaning agents (trichloroethylene, normal bromo propane, four vinyl chloride and two oxygen methane), and it is easier to remove R, RMA and free cleaning flux on PCB. The cleaning agent has been tested on the gas cleaning machine thousands of times, and the cleaning efficiency is high and the stability is good.

Product details



Water based type Flammable No
Online / batch Online batch
Desktop ultrasonic   
Ultrasonic cleaning Feature description  

Environmentally friendly, halogen free, low volatile, zero room temperature benefits, for a variety of solder paste and flux is effective, PCB metal and plastic compatibility, highly concentrated 10%-20% dilution ratio.

Non flammable - can be used for gas degreasing, ultrasonic or soaking cleaning. High precision, no residue, quick volatilization and low toxicity

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