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Turbocoat 丙烯酸敷形涂层

2108 Turbocoat 丙烯酸敷形涂层

Techspray provides various coating materials to meet on-site and engineering requirements. Material selection generally depends on the type of protection requirements, such as heat resistance, moisture resistance and antistatic. This product contains exterior fluorant, which is convenient for the quality control of coating area and thickness uniformity on the circuit board. The coating can be detected by a standard, low cost ultraviolet light (short wave black lamp). The thicker the coating, the higher the luminance.

Product details



Curing mode Room temperature / heating Viscositycp(25℃) 15-25
Solid content 17%(Drum)7%(spray bottle) Application features  
Fast drying, high production efficiency Applied temperature℃   
Dry time(Min) 3
Fluorescence indication Yes

Quickly solidify 3 minute table dry!

Maximum working temperature 257 degree F (125 degree C)

Non ozone depletion

Dielectric strength1000 volts/mil

Fast & easy to repair & repair

IPC-CC-830B & MIL-I-46058CAuthentication

UL94 V-0 Flame retardant

UV fluorescent indicator is easy to detect

No toluene and xylene


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