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2109 Acrylic

Techspray produced new Turbo-Coat HV acrylic coating for the acclaimed Turbo-Coat version of high viscosity. This product has been verified for the selective spraying process of Asymtek and PVA, including atomization and non atomizing models.The TurboCoat acrylic coating can greatly improve the capacity without the need to increase the expensive UV equipment or other additional equipment. The curing time of the compress coating is usually considered as the bottleneck of the assembly of PCB. TurboCoat HV can achieve dry state in 10 minutes and save nearly 1/2 of PCB processing time for the manufacturer. The Turbo-Coat diluent can be used to reduce the viscosity of the coating product to adapt to the ideal process parameters. Turbo-Coat,Turbo-Coat HV, and Turbo-Coat does not contain HAPs substance (harmful air pollutants), so it does not contain general coating solvent, such as toluene, xylene or butanone, which makes the operator more friendly and safer. Turbo-Coat HV uses the same acrylic resin as Turbo-Coat, so the compatibility of the two products is very good. For example, in the rework area, we use fast curing Turbo-Coat, and use Turbo-Coat in the automatic assembly area.HV, Turbo-Coat pen is used for quality improvement.

Product details



Curing mode Room temperature / heating   Viscosity
Solid content 24%(Drum) Application features   
General-purpose, fast table dry Applied temperature℃   
Dry time(Min) 9
Fluorescence indication Yes
Accord withUL94V-0

The characteristics of / advantages

• Fast curing - 10 minutes' dry surface!

• Application of temperature range - -65℃至 125℃

• No additional expenditure to achieve higher capacity

• Thick layer coating - one coating can satisfy the specified thickness

• Fast & easy to repair & repair

• IPC-CC-830B& MIL-I-46058C Approval

• UL94 V-0 Flame retardant

• The coating is transparent and glossy

• Easy to detect with a fluorescent indicator

• No butanone, toluene, and xylene

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