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Bottom agent

7204 Bottom agent

7204 is a kind of acetone activator, which is mainly used to improve the curing rate of anaerobic adhesive and structural adhesive. This product is highly flammable. The rules and regulations for the use of flammable products should be observed during operation. In particular, we should not let the product or its steam contact with the open fire or any electronic equipment that does not take fire prevention measures. The solvents contained in them may affect some plastic or coating. It is therefore suggested that the user confirm the compatibility of the product with the surface of the adhesive before use. Avoid long or repeated contact with the skin. It is only used in a well ventilated environment. Smoking is prohibited in the presence of activator.

Product details



Use features    

Anaerobically cured accelerator

Solvent Ketone



Applicable material   

Stainless steel / galvanized surface

Solvent volatilization time  


Matters needing attention Suitable for metal and thermosetting plastics Operation time

30 days


Do not use the activator and the adhesive in the liquid state.


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