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Class UV

Uv3140 Class UV

Luxbond UV3140 is a one component, solvent free, UV curable and moisture cured Co coating coating. It has good wettability on the surface of the substrate and no bubbles will be formed after curing. The product has good compatibility with general industrial solder, no cleaning solder paste, metal plating, components and substrates. It is suitable for coating technology such as impregnation, spraying and brushing. It can provide moisture and strong chemical protection for uneven surface.

Product details



Curing mode UV
Solid content 100% Application features   
100%Solid content, excellent moisture resistance, UV fast curing Applied temperature℃   
Dry time(Min) / Fluorescence indication Yes

Product features

Single component, fast UV curing

No solvent, 100% solid content, environmentally friendly, low VOC double curing system, UV+ moisture two curing methods

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