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Cleaning agent for SMT furnace

1573 Cleaning agent for SMT furnace

Cleaning reflux furnace, wave soldering furnace and all kinds of flux residue on the auxiliary heat exchanger. Compared with isopropanol (IPA), it is more efficient and safer to use.

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Solvent type Flammable No
Online / batch    -   Desktop ultrasonic   
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SMT stove plate cleaning, cleaning reflux oven, solder residue on the pawl of wave soldering oven, safe use of hot stove, no organic volatilization, zero room temperature and no ozone loss.

The rapid clearance of reflow furnace and furnace soldering flux residues on the pawl - non flammable resistance furnace using heat Yun - Safety - low volatile organic content (VOC), non - zero temperature effect caused by ozone depletion

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