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Double component polyurethane structural adhesive

A280 Double component polyurethane structural adhesive

Bonding and repairing of composite materials widely used in large quantities of parts, bonded auto body parts (such as spoiler, bumper, etc.)

Product details



Black / rice white Viscositycp(25℃) 600000
Applied temperature℃   
-40~110 Use features Metal and composite bonding, shock absorption, good chemical corrosion resistance HardnessShore 90A
Peel strength Mpa 10 Operation time / complete curing 10min/24h@RT Mixing ratio 1 :1


•  2 component room temperature curing polyurethane adhesive

•  Suitable for bonding between different materials

•  It is not collapsing and is suitable for vertical surface bonding, and can also be used to fill irregular joints.

•  Fast curing and reduction of assembly time。

•  Excellent mechanical and antiaging properties

•  Excellent ability to resist dynamic loads (anti vibration and shock)

•  Excellent anti vibration, shock resistance, and noise absorption capacity

•  It still maintains excellent performance at low temperatures

•  Aging resistant and abominable environment。

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