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Electrical insulating material for small motor

PED 1000-70 Electrical insulating material for small motor

Alan Tas (Zhuhai) PED1000-70FC is an excellent water-based insulating varnish. The product is economical, convenient, safe, easy to maintain and pollution-free, and meets the relevant clean air standards in most countries and regions.

Product details



 Heat resistance temperature  
180~200℃   Viscosity
Chemical type Waterborne polyester Use features Immerse / drop / roll Feature description Single component, economic and environmental protection, viscosity adjustable heat resistant grade, can provide different solid content products.
Curing condition 2~12HOURS

Low volatile organic compounds (VOC) content of product characteristics - - excellent high temperature electrical properties and mechanical properties of 130-220 - EIS ~ C (file No. E87039), the insulation level of up to 220 degrees C - and most of the insulation system compatibility - can be obtained with different solid content from 70% to 18% by diluted products - non-toxic smoke release, easy to clean water spills.

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