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Electromagnetic shielding adhesive

5180 Electromagnetic shielding adhesive

The 5180 is a one component RTV silver copper conductive glue is filled with conductive elastomer cured at room temperature of the conductive particles, at room temperature, humidity 50%, 24h can be completely cured, the curing time is shortened with the increase of curing temperature and humidity environment. The cured material has excellent elasticity and conductivity, and is very suitable for field forming electromagnetic sealing gaskets. The copper plating particles used have excellent electrical conductivity and thus provide good electromagnetic shielding performance. And the conductive coating film, die casting, metal plating and other matrix has good adhesion.

Product details

Model 5180


One component room temperature curing, for electrostatic shielding all kinds of electronic communication equipments


Silvery white

Mixing ratio



65±5 Adhesion 10N
Curing condition

2min/Table dry(25℃)95%/12h


Shore A55±5

Volume resistivity(Ω.cm)   


Elongation at break%


Compression ratio%



Typical use

It can be applied to indoor and outdoor installation of communication equipment, mobile phone, intelligent equipment, medical equipment, portable test and calibration equipment, electrostatic shielding application.

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