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Electromagnetic shielding adhesive

5181 Electromagnetic shielding adhesive

5181 is the single component nickel carbon HTV conductive glue is filled with conductive silicone high temperature curing Ni/Gr conductive particles characteristic of the temperature at about 150 DEG C, 20min can be completely cured, curing time is shortened with increasing cure temperature. A substrate that can be used for metal, electroplating or chromate treatment.

Product details

Model 5181

Use features

Single component nickel carbon HTV high temperature curing conductive glue, used in various types of electronic communication equipment



Mixing ratio



65±5 Adhesion 17N
Curing condition



Shore A62±3

Volume resistivity(Ω.cm)  


Elongation at break%


Compression ratio%



Typical use

Indoor and outdoor installation of communication equipment, base station, portable test and calibration equipment, satellite radio transceiver.

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