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Epoxy encapsulation adhesive

Re22801 / re2120 Epoxy encapsulation adhesive

Castable resin, used in mechanical parts and many electrical components. It is especially suitable for low voltage or medium voltage electrical components. For example, capacitors, switches, filters, and so on.

Product details



Colour Black Viscositycp(25℃) 4200
Mixing ratio (weight) 100:20
Application features   
Long operation time and low heat release can avoid the mechanical stress and heat shock of the embedded components. Applied temperature℃   
Density 1.47 Hardness 62D
Operable time(min) 180
Thermalconductivity(W/m.k) 0.65


•  Double component liquid epoxy resin  •  UL94 authentication: V0 level on 6mm

•  Medium hardness                      •  Good heat resistance and aging resistance

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