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Epoxy resin bonded adhesive

905 Epoxy resin bonded adhesive

905 is a medium viscosity, with a long service life of industrial epoxy resin adhesive. After mixing the two components, it will be cured at room temperature into a transparent, excellent impact resistant, low shrinkage film. After full curing, the epoxy resin can be resistant to most chemicals and solvents. It is mainly used for the occasions of optical transparency, excellent structure, mechanical and electrical insulation, for the use of bonding, small parts filling and so on. It can be bonded to most materials, such as ceramics, metals, plastics, glass, fiber, and a variety of hard plastics.

Product details



Applied temperature℃ 
-40~120 Viscositycp(25℃) 1900
Operation timemin 3~5 Use features Rapid curing at room temperature Curing rate (initial solid / whole solid) 5min/24h@RT
Shear strengthMpa 13 Appearance   
Transparent Mixing ratio 1 : 1

HardnessShore D


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