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Heat conduction bond

546 Heat conduction bond

546 is a single component, heat conduction, neutral (non acid) silicone sealant. It is designed for bonding metal radiators, ceramic components, and PCB. Good insulation and thermal conductivity, 546 after absorbing moisture in the air to solidify to form durable, elastic silica gel. The rapid surface crust is recommended for use in heat dissipation devices and heat dissipating elements.

Product details



Colour Grey / white Viscositycp(25℃) 65000
Chemical type 硅胶
Application features Self leveling, fast drying, good bonding and thermal conductivity Hardness 71A
Tensile strength 3.1Mpa
Thermal conductivity(W/m.k) 71A
Curing rate (initial solid / whole solid) 4min/12h@RT
Volume resistivity(Ω.cm) 1*1014

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