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One component epoxy structural adhesive

916wh One component epoxy structural adhesive

Luxbond916WH is one component adhesive, this product is suitable for bonding metal, glass, ferrite, nylon and so most materials bonding, after curing the product has high bonding strength, cold resistance, temperature resistance, oil resistance, moisture resistance and other excellent performance.

Product details



Working temperature℃ 
-50~180 Viscositycp(25℃) 80000
Working hours25℃ 7Day Use features   

High viscosity, high thixotropy, high temperature resistance, cold resistance, oil, wet and so on. It is suitable for fixing and bonding of motor neck, nylon fan, coil, magnetic tile and other devices.

 Curing condition 90min/120℃
Tg/℃ 158

The product features high strength, high temperature resistance, high viscosity and thixotropy, and the facade curing does not flow.

The typical uses are mainly used for motor neck fixation, nylon fan bonding, coil fixing, magnetic tile bonding, and fixing and bonding of other components.

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