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Organosilicon sealant

519 Organosilicon sealant

The 519 is a neutral (dealcoholation) silicone sealant, which has high strength cohesive force and is suitable for sealing and bonding of polycarbonate, general plastics, mirrors, non-ferrous metals, concrete and ceramic materials. Can absorb moisture in the air at room temperature, curing the formation of soft layer, with excellent performance to adapt to high temperature and low temperature, can be used for a long time between -60 - 150 316LVM C.

Product details



Black / white Viscositycp(25℃) 50000
Elongation% 500
Use features Sealed bond fixation HardnessShore 24
Tensile strengthMpa 1.4
Curing rate (initial solid / whole solid)    
30min/24h@RT By-product Dealcohol

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