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Electrical insulating material for small motor

Pe820hb Electrical insulating material for small motor

The PE820HB LV produced by Alan Tas (Zhuhai) is a double - component, 100% - solid unsaturated polyester. It has a high level of heat resistance and good mechanical properties. It can be used in electric tool rotors, stator and other motors that need high speed rotation by dipping or rolling process, and can also be used on general motors.

Product details



 Heat resistance temperature  
180   Viscositycp(25℃) 70~90S@TU4
Chemical type Unsaturated polyester Use features Immerse / drop / roll Feature description Good permeability, high adhesion strength, good adhesion and elasticity, excellent wear resistance, low linear shrinkage, excellent resistance to chemical corrosion.
Curing condition 1HOURS

The advantages are as follows: - corrosion resistance - to very high bonding strength and good elasticity - adhesion - excellent wear resistance - in good permeability to close coil very low linear shrinkage - excellent in heat running and other electromagnetic wire (including many high thermal stability materials) can be very compatible good. Heat-resistant grade: 180 C.

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