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Polyurethane adhesive

8108 Polyurethane adhesive

8108 is a single component, moisture curing, polyurethane adhesives, designed for the bonding of various substrates. When used after heating, 8108 of the steam exposed to the air, solidified into durable, ductile polyurethane rubber. In addition, it has a long open time suitable for automatic or manual assembly lines.

Product details



Transparent   Viscositycp(25℃) 3000-6000
Applied temperature℃   
90~110 Use features

General type, PUR hot melt adhesive, widely used in handset, smart handset, and other hand-held wearable products

HardnessShore 30
Tensile strengthMpa 5~6
Open time / fixed time 

8108H The hot-melt equipment with a common injection type heating barrel gun can be used. When the rest time is longer, it should be reduced.

Gendo. A long exposure to higher temperatures will lead to a rise in viscosity。

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