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Silicone gel encapsulation

Qgel310CN Silicone gel encapsulation

Used for bonding thermoplastic parts, metal structures (aluminum, stainless steel, electroplated steel), layers, prototypes, or RIM.

Product details



Colour Transparent Viscositycp(25℃) 1000
Mixing ratio (weight) 1:1 Application features   
Simple 1:1 mixing, low viscosity, elastic silicone gel, low temperature resistance -55 C Applied temperature℃   
Density 45 Hardness Gel: Set & Match     UL
Operable time(min) 45min


•  2 Component room temperature curing methacrylic acid adhesive

•  Suitable for bonding between different materials

•  It is not collapsing and is suitable for vertical surface bonding, and can also be used to fill irregular connections.

•  Excellent ability to resist dynamic loads (anti vibration and shock)

•  Quick dry product, save assembly time.

•  Aging resistant and abominable environment。

•  It still maintains excellent performance at low temperatures

•  Excellent mechanical properties, high temperature resistance of 120 DEG C.

•  Even if the surface treatment is not ideal, it can be bonded with this product.

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