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Silicone gel encapsulation

Qgel420 Silicone gel encapsulation

Liquid polyurethane adhesive, using a toothed scraper, roller or spray coating. Two components and packing resin are suitable for large area bonding, and different isocyanates can be used to achieve different mixed viscosity.

Product details



Colour Transparent Viscositycp(25℃) 1000
Mixing ratio (weight) 1:1 Application features    
Simple 1:1 mixing, low viscosity, elastic silicone gel, low temperature resistance -55 C Applied temperature℃   
Density 45 Hardness Gel: Set & Match     UL
Operable time(min) 30min


•  Bonded honeycomb panel (polyamide thermoplastic plastic, foaming material);

•  Bonded wood material, aluminum plate or steel plate;

•  Adhesive polyester material, composite material。

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