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2106 Silicone

Techspray provides various coating materials to meet on-site and engineering requirements. Material selection generally depends on the type of protection requirements, such as heat resistance, moisture resistance and antistatic. This product contains ultraviolet fluorescent agent, which facilitates the quality control of the coating coverage area and thickness uniformity on the circuit board. The coating can be detected by a standard, low cost ultraviolet light (short wave black lamp). The thicker the coating, the higher the luminance.

Product details



Spray bottling Moisture / heating  Viscosity
Solid content 25%(Drum)
Application features   
Excellent high temperature resistance Applied temperature℃   
Dry time(Min) 15 Fluorescence indication Yes

Excellent heat-resistant and moistureproof properties

High temperature silicone coating can effectively prevent thermal decomposition at high temperature. Silicone coated coating is the most common coating, which can be used in various kinds of coatings.

Provide adequate protection under the environment

Suitable for high temperature environment

Fast curing sub coating can reach the standard thickness

Non ozone depletion

Highest work stability to 662°F (350°C)

Dielectric strength 560 volts/mil


Anti vibration flexible coating contains UV fluorescent indicator for easy detection

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