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Silicone triple defense coating

As1740 Silicone triple defense coating

AS1740 is part of the AS1740 product series, including:AS1740 - adhesive for shallow filling or surface coatingAS1745T - high strength semitransparent adhesive,AS1745G - high strength, high temperature resistant adhesiveThis special silicone sealant, produced in a special formula, is designed to meet the physical, chemical and high temperature requirements of standard MIL-A-46146B. Its characteristics are outstanding physical properties and suitable for many sensitive substrates, including copper, brass, iron and steel, aluminum and some FR4. It is an ideal choice for many prominent high-efficiency electronic applications. It is called alkoxy single component room temperature vulcanization (RTV) silicone sealant, and the sealant produced in this alkoxy vulcanization system has excellent adhesion on general substrates.

Product details



Curing mode Moisture / heating Viscosity
Solid content 100%
Application features应  
100%Solid content,UL94HB,
High viscosity, suitable for thick coating
Applied temperature℃   
Dry time(Min) 18
Fluorescence indication Yes

Main features

*Meet the requirements of standard MIL A-46146B physics and chemistry。

*Through the UL94HB in the 1.5mm thickness certification, the file number. E334038

*Containing ultraviolet traceability for easy detection

*Can adhere to a lot of substrate。

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