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Silicone triple defense coating

ACC17 Silicone triple defense coating

ACC17 is a fast curing, low viscosity, low volatility, one component, condensation type silicone conformal coating. This product can be soaked or sprayed before it is cured, and it is easily solidified into a tough, transparent rubber. It can be applied to coating electronic circuit boards to prevent the immersion of water and environmental pollutants. The cured coating conforms to the VOC regulation and is 100% solid content.

Product details



Curing mode Moisture / heating   Viscosity
Solid content 100%
Application features   
100%Solid, fast table dry Applied temperature℃   
Dry time(Min) 4
Fluorescence indication Yes

Main performance

*Rapid room temperature curing

*Low volatile content 

*Low viscosity 

*100%Solid content

*Quality inspection of product with UV lamp

*Excellent adhesion

*Low odor

*Accord withRoHS

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