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Thread locking glue

2421 Thread locking glue

Luxbond 2421 thread locking anaerobic adhesive is a kind of single component, thixotropic, medium strength, anaerobic type thread locking adhesive. This product is solidified between two tightly matched metal surfaces under the condition of isolated air. Especially for inert surfaces, for exampleStainless steel and electroplating surface.

Product details

Model 2421 Viscositycp(25℃) 1200 Disassembly moment N.m 4.8
Use features Medial Oiliness No Curing rate (initial solid / whole solid)  
Applied temperature centigrade  
-54~149 Appearance Blue

Typical use to avoid loosening and leakage of threaded fasteners, especially for components that can be disassembled by hand tools, such as pump or motor assembly bolts, nuts on engine rocker or screw on equipment.

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